Our Story


She was captivated with the wealth she discovered. A desire to connect with the divine roared within. In that moment she realized that creation in its wisdom had connected each of us in this way. We are made with the dust from the earth. In this dust are pure fragments of these gemstones. She began to research how the gemstones were used. Some were utilized for building, healing, spiritual meaning and status. However, Jewelry was what enthralled her. 

The universe is filled with healing attributes, pacifying and refreshing the energy of our spirits. 

Nani Savu Jewlery is distinctively elegant handmade pieces with a story behind each one. The phrase 'Nani Savu' means beautiful waterfall. All original bracelets are made in Miami, Florida. From vibrant stones to earth tone settings, Nani Savu has the perfect fusion for you. 


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